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The Hunting Act 2004 has been protecting Britain's wildlife for 10 years. But hunting supporters may have a majority of MPs, and a repeal of the Act may soon happen. Please ask your MP to defend the hunting ban.
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June 2015


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Dear Mike,

We urgently need your help.

Last year, thanks to the help and support of so many IFAW supporters like you, we managed to stop an attempt to weaken the Hunting Act 2004 by an amendment that would effectively have "repealed the Act by the back door".

Now, the hunting fraternity is trying again, but this time using the "front door", as a vote on this issue was promised in the Conservative Party manifesto. The Government may very soon announce it will ask Parliament to vote to legalise hunting again.

You can help by telling your MP today to defend the hunting ban.

It's difficult to imagine any other time in living history when British wildlife has been under a higher threat than today.

The new Parliament is dominated by a party which is adamant there will be a vote to repeal the only piece of legislation in England and Wales that protects foxes, deer, hares and other mammals from being ripped apart by packs of dogs.

It is imperative that all of us who care about animals do as much as we can to protect the hunting ban.

The threat of repeal of the Hunting Act 2004 has been with us since hunting was banned 10 years ago, but now those that support hunting may have a majority of MPs. So the repeal of the Act may become a reality very soon, unless we manage to show MPs how unpopular this repeal would be.

This is where your support is vital.

There are already press articles suggesting the vote could happen this year, and in fact it could be very soon.

Ask your MP to defend the hunting ban by voting against any attempt to repeal it or weaken it. If you can meet your MP face to face to ask for this, the effect will be much greater.

The Hunting Act 2004 needs strengthening, not repealing!

If we lose the ban, many more deer, hares, foxes and other animals will be needlessly chased and killed for the hunt's enjoyment. It'll be like returning to the times when animal cruelty was rampant and legal.

We CANNOT let this happen!

You can help by contacting your MP today.

Thank you,

Azzedine Downes Azzedine Downes signature

Philip Mansbridge
IFAW UK Director

P.S. I don't want Britain to return to a time of rampant animal cruelty. Please urge your MP to defend the hunting ban.

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Help defend the hunting ban!

Hunting with a pack of hounds is cruel - you can help defend the hunting ban.

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